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Deckmarine is manufactured in the United States from a non-absorbent, closed-cell EVA foam specifically formulated for marine applications. Sport fishing, boating, water ski boats, kayaks, paddle boards, platforms and steps are just some of the unlimited applications for Deckmarine.




Non-slip thermoplastic polymer that adheres both dry and wet using a 3M PSA (presure sensitive adhesive) acrylic-based marine grade adhesive that ensures outstanding adhesion. Its spongy touch gives it great comfort when walking, it does not absorb liquids, it is resistant to mold, mildew and dirt, thus facilitating cleaning.

The clear advantage over traditional covers, both natural and artificial, is its resistance to UVA rays, since Deckmarine's temperature is about 8ºC less (depending on color), which greatly reduces fatigue caused by a long Sun exposure.



With the new coatings you will no longer burn your feet. They are an effective anti-slip with which you will avoid inopportune slips.



Durability and shock absorption. Deckmarine provides not only an exceptional traction surface, but it also reduces fatigue caused by a long stay on rough decks and work on hard platforms. Deckmarine also protects your deck from scratches, chipping and dents.

Fully adaptable and customizable product in terms of shape, texture, color and design for each boat.

What is the life expectancy?

From five to seven years. More if the boat is stored indoors.

Can Deckmarine be applied to the existing anti-slip?

Deckmarine adheres very well to most molded anti-slip and if properly applied and maintained aggregate type anti-slip paints, as long as the surface is properly cleaned.

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