At MBS we provide the following battery system testing:

  • Battery internal voltage and impedance (short test).

  • Battery bank load test (long test).

  • Battery system.

  • Starters.

  • Alternators and charging conditions.

  • Chargers and charging conditions.

  • Inverters.

  • Thermographic inspections.

  • Megger test

For 22€ per battery, we offer;

Once a year testing and maintenance program which includes:  

  • Battery internal voltage and impedance (short test)

  • Starters and cranking check.

  • Alternators and charging conditions check.

  • Chargers/inverters` charging conditions check.

  • Thermographic inspection.

  • Battery maintenance and cleaning.

  • Final report.


For 300€ per each battery bank, we offer;

  • An annual battery bank load test.

  • Final report.


By choosing the annually maintenance program, we keep track and provide you with all the records of your battery system


On our first visit, we offer you a free battery internal voltage and impedance test (short test)












If you desire to perform the battery bank load test by yourself, Marine Battery Service will provide and rent you the Load Test Equipment for 300€ per day, so you can carry out as many test as you wish        


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